Lima was once considered just a quick stopover on the way to Machu Picchu, but the city's evolving reputation as a center of Peruvian heritage, colonial architecture and culinary excellence has impressed upon sophisticated travelers that Lima is a destination in and of itself, worthy of more than a one night stay.  Hotel B, a luxury boutique property located in the bohemian seaside neighborhood of Barranco, serves as a comfortable and intimate home base for exploring the city.  The historic Belle Époque manor home was built in 1914 as a seaside retreat for Lima's elite and was recently restored to its former glory after an extensive 2 year renovation. An eclectic blend of museum-quality artwork is highlighted throughout the hotel, celebrating Peruvian and international artists. Famed chef Oscar Velarde designed the restaurant's menu, highlighting fresh Peruvian ingredients complimented by Mediterranean flavors, but other great dining options abound within walking distance; Barranco is currently the best place to stay in Lima for access to the city's vibrant art & dining scene.



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$490, per room per night

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LOCATION: Lima, Peru

Closet Airport:

Lima (LIM) airport is located about 45 minutes from Hotel B and serves as the principal international and domestic airport in Peru.

Most visitors choose to spend time in Lima before or after their time exploring the interior to Peru (Machu Picchu, Cusco, Lake Titicaca, Amazon, etc) or pending their international flight schedule.  Staying a few nights at Hotel B at the end of the trip is often the most rewarding so visitors can get a pulse on the capital of the country and experience the bustling culinary and art scene.

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Lima can be visited year round, though the weather and climate is often surprising for a city close to the equator. The weather is mild and warm throughout the year, without much rain, making Lima one of the driest capitals in the world though humidity is very high. The average temperature ranges from 54°-64°F (12°-17°C)  from May-November to 75°-82°F (23°-28°C) from December-April. The cold Humboldt Current runs along most of Peru's coast, moderating the tropical heat, and combines with the high humidity to produce low clouds and mist that persist in the city from May-November.  


Connecting suites are available for families, however, due to the amount of fragile art and sculptures throughout, Hotel B is not recommended for families with very young children. 


Either one night just to facilitate international arrivals and departures or 2 nights or more for those looking to visit the countless museums and vibrant art and culinary scene that Lima offers.  


The neighborhood of Barranco, where Hotel B is located, is the epicenter of the modern art and culinary scene of Lima with streets full of art galleries and top restaurants. 

Barranco retains it's historic architecture and charm and is very pedestrian friendly.  Miraflores and San Isidro on the other hand, where most of the other high end properties are located, are very globalized with an abundance of fast food chains, malls and more vehicular traffic.  

Hotel B was the first and only boutique hotel of it's kind in Lima and is the only Relais & Chateaux property in the city.   

Every room of the hotel is full of amazing art, the private collection is of the owners who have the top rated gallery next door to the hotel, Galeria Lucia de la Punte 


Any visitor going to Peru will transit through Lima for their international flights, so a stay at Hotel B either before or after visiting Machu Picchu, Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Lake Titicaca or the Amazon is possible.  

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