Summer Trips that Transform - Experience the Cacao Harvest at Hacienda Bambusa, Armenia, Colombia

Experience the Cacao Harvest at Hacienda Bambusa, Armenia, Colombia

Great For: Great For: Foodies, Families, The Culturally Curious, Adventure Seekers

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While Hacienda Bambusa may be located in the heart of Colombia’s Coffee Triangle, the owners are truly passionate about cultivating cacao to produce fine, artisanal chocolates.  Cacao is harvested in two seasons, and the main harvest occurs from April to June and guests staying over these dates have the opportunity to get in on the action.

Together with Bambusa’s Chef, explore the hacienda's cacao fields to harvest pods while will be used to make your own hot chocolate. Experience the step by step process that goes into making a cup of hot chocolate; obtain and dry the cocoa seed, grind your own cocoa, and prepareg a delicious cup of chocolate to enjoy with fresh farm cheese or with an arepa.  The bitterness of the chocolate drink might surprise you, and highlights how much extra sugar and cocoa butter goes into the sweet mass-produced chocolates more commonly found in grocery stores!

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Experiencing the cacao harvest is just one facet of a stay at Hacienda Bambusa; guests can also explore colorful Salento, hike through the wax palms of the stunning Cocora Valley, explore the surrounding countryside on horseback and of course visit a coffee plantation.   From April 17th-June 30th, enjoy a 25% discount on the “Highlights of Bambusa” package (half board + a welcome hike of the property) and add-on the Cacao Experience.

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