Cradled in an Andean valley at 9,600' above sea level and only two hours north of Quito, historic Hacienda Zuleta offers guests a raw and authentic experience steeped in four centuries of Ecuadorian history and tradition.  The working farm sprawls over 4,000 acres and has been owned and operated by the family of Mr. Galo Plaza Lasso, former president of Ecuador, for over 100 years. Guests are warmly welcomed in the historic home, which features antique gardens, family heirlooms, hand-embroidered linens and cozy fireplaces in each of the 20 guest rooms. A condor and spectacled bear conservation project, pre-Incan burial mounds, indigenous handicraft cooperatives and a working farm are all tied into Zuleta's sustainable community tourism initiatives which can be explored by guests on foot, horseback, bike and vehicle.



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LOCATION: Imbabura, Ecuador

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Quito (UIO) receives numerous international and domestic flights from throughout Ecuador and the Galapagos.  It is a two hour drive from the Quito airport to Hacienda Zuleta

Most guests visit Hacienda Zuleta after having been to the Galapagos or as part of a longer trip through mainland Ecuador.  The famous Otovalo market is only a 30 minute drive from Hacienda Zuleta and is often included as a stop enroute to, or on departure from the hacienda70.  Most choose to include Hacienda Zuleta after the Galapagos due to the flight schedules.  Flights returning from the Galapagos tend to arrive around 4-5pm in the afternoon, and guest then are transferred 90 minutes by road, crossing the equatorial line enroute which is always a popular stop, arriving to Zuleta for dinner.  After a stay of 2-4 nights, guests then depart Zuleta for the airport and their international flight home. 

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Blessed with an equatorial location, Hacienda Zuleta experiences a temperate climate all year round. Temperatures average between 70 °F - 75 °F (21 °C- 24 °C) during the day with low humidity. The high altitude means that nights tend to be crisp: perfect for sitting in front of the fireplace with a warm cup of tea!

January through June:  Sunny days with occasional spring-like showers. During this time of year, the countryside is lush and green.

July through August:  Typically dry and provide the best opportunities for extraordinary views of the surrounding volcanoes.

September through December: Offers pleasant weather with more frequent showers. 


Zuleta is very safe and fun for families with children of all ages.  Triple occupancy rooms and connecting rooms are available and children under 12 receive are discounted nightly rate when sharing a room with adults. Children enjoy the freedom to roam the extensive farm, see exotic wildlife, and interact with local children of the community. Special visits can be arranged with the local schools that are supported by the Hacienda'a non-profit foundation.  Please reference the "Zuleta for Children" document in the marketing links below which showcase special activities and experiences just for kids.  Staff can cater to children food requirements, high chairs and cribs are available upon request. 


The minimum suggested stay is two nights, however three nights is ideal.  Longer stays of up to a week are not uncommon for repeat visitors or those keen on horseback riding for multiple days. 


Perfect for lovers of history and culture, the original structure of Hacienda Zuleta dates from 1691. Over the centuries, the home has hosted dignitaries and nobility from around the world and was the home of former Ecuadorian president Galo Plaza Lasso.

The Hacienda enjoys close proximity to the famous Otovalo indigenous market and is a short walk to the town of Zuleta which is renown for producing exquisite hand-embroidery, the only place you can buy such handicrafts.   

Close to 6,000 liters of milk is collected daily, which is used to produce coveted fresh and aged cheeses in Zuleta’s cheese factory which can be toured by guests. 

Especially popular among equestrian-minded guests, the Hacienda is home to close to 100 horses, some pure Andalusians and some polo horses that a suitable for a variety of riding levels from beginner through expert.

Zuleta is also home to Condor Huasi, the only Andean Condor breeding, rehabilitation and reintroduction program of its kind in Ecuador that is managed in partnership with the local indigenous communities.  View the breeding pair accompanied by the on-site bird biologist and learn about the challenges of restoring the local Condor population. 


A two or four night stay at Hacienda Zuleta is a wonderful and relaxing addition to a Galapagos Islands trip or as part of a longer mainland Ecuador itinerary. It is an excellent choice both for families and couples who appreciate warm and familial hospitality,