Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica is an award-winning eco-lodge situated along the steep banks of Peru's meandering Madre de Dios River at the heart of a 29,650-acre private ecological reserve.  The Amazon immersion begins almost immediately; guests travel to the lodge in comfortable outboard dugout canoes, leaving civilization behind on the 45 minute river journey.  Tree-trunk boardwalks wind through the property, designed in the fashion of a native Ese’ Eja village.  Private thatched-roof cabanas, built on raised platforms in the indigenous style, surround a stunning open-air main building and dining room that blend almost seamlessly into the jungle. Luxurious furnishings, amenities and delectable food offer a congenial complement to the simplicity of lantern-light and the rich sounds of the jungle. Accompanied by expert local guides, guests explore the surrounding Amazon Rainforest on jungle hikes, canoe trips to wildlife-rich oxbow lakes and along the Canopy Walkway, a series of 7 hanging bridges suspended nearly 100' (30 m) above the ground. After an immersive day in nature, guests can soak in a sunset over the river while awaiting a rejuvenating massage treatment at the Ena Spa.



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Full-Service Ena Spa 

Canopy Walkway, Inkaterra Canopy Treehouse

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From $541 per person for a 2-night stay

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LOCATION: tambopata, peru

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Daily commercial flights connect Puerto Maldonado (PEM) to Lima (LIM - 2 hours and 15 minutes) and Cusco (35 minutes).

Reserva Amazonica is 9 miles from Puerto Maldonado along the Madre de Dios River. After a brief transfer from the airport to the river's edge, guests board a motorized dugout canoe for the 45 minute river journey to the lodge. Traveling by boat allows guests to closely witness life along the river and the transition away from civilization as they move deeper into the reserve. 

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The Peruvian Amazon can be visited year round, particularly Reserva Amazonica which does not require arduous overland travel along dirt roads that may frequently be washed away during the wet season (November/December-March). The weather is extremely tropical (hot and humid). Average temperature is 89 °F (32 °C) and varies from 77 °F to 107 °F (25 °C to 41 °C). December through March is usually the hottest season, with frequent afternoon rains. Between June and September you may need some warmer clothing, since the occasional “friaje” or Patagonia Cold Front can reduce the temperature to 50 °F (10 °C).


Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica is a great option for families to explore Peru's rainforest; the lodge is far enough away to feel exotic and removed but close enough that an arduous river journey is not required for access. Cabanas can be configured with additional beds or bed railings and specific amenities like child-friendly Explorer Guides; a children's menu and a child's explorer kit* all help children and families feel at home .  Guided hikes on the maintained trail system, visits to the Butterfly House, searching for caiman by torch light on a twilight river cruise, exploring the treetops via the Canopy Walkway and spotting wildlife at Lake Sandoval (only in dry season May- Oct.) are all very accessible for children ages 5-12. 

*The explorer kit must be requested at the time of booking and is an additional charge. 


Reserva Amazonica has a 2-night minimum, but most guests can elect to stay 3 or 4 nights in order to fully appreciate the spectacularly diverse rainforest environment. In our experience, 2 nights permits enough time to explore Lake Sandoval by canoe, meander the Canopy Walkway, hike the trail system and engage in twilight activities both evenings. For guests who want to incorporate some downtime or visit the Ena Spa, a third night is suggested. 


Reserva Amazonica is far enough away from civilization to cultivate a remote feel but close enough to be reached in a few hours from Cusco after a visit to Machu Picchu. For guests who want to experience the Amazon but don't have the time or desire to do so in-depth, Reserva Amazonica is the perfect option.  

Two-thirds of the world’s known plant and animal species make their home in Peru's Amazon, and untold more are still undiscovered. Though larger mammals are hard to spot in the jungle, guests are certain to discover an astonishing assortment of flora and fauna during their time at Reserva. 

The Canopy Walkway is one of the largest and best designed in all of South America.  Gain a bird's eye view of the remote canopy environment on a stroll through the treetops for more than 1/4 mile while suspended 98' above the ground. 

Dine and sleep more than 70' (21 m) above the forest floor in the Canopy Treehouse. From this remarkable vantage point, guests listen to the amazing jungle sounds then enjoy dinner while watching the stars above. 

Take a guided excursion to Lake Sandoval, a wildlife rich oxbow lake where guests can spot monkeys, birds and giant river otters by canoe.  Downstream, the lodge has connections with local farms and villages for those seeking cultural interaction. 

Soak in the healing powers of the rainforest with a treatment at the full-service Ena Spa, a rarity in Peru's Amazon jungle!

Established in 1975, Inkaterra has been at the forefront of ecotourism and sustainable development in Peru and is dedicated to authentic travel experiences, aiming to preserve biodiversity and local cultures. The consortium owns and operates six distinctive properties throughout Peru, including Inkaterra La Casona and Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica. 


Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica is the perfect complement to any trip to Peru, easily organized for a few nights before going to Cusco and Machu Picchu or a few nights afterwards.  Have breakfast in Cusco at 11,000' (3,350 m) in the Andes and then lunch in the Amazonian Rainforest.  Peru never ceases to amaze visitors with the variety of landscapes, cultures and traditions it offers.

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