Lake Titicaca, the world's highest navigable lake, boasts hundreds of miles of shoreline, dozens of inhabited islands and is home to an astonishing collection of indigenous customs, festivals and languages that are all rooted in the immediate environs of the lake. However, most visitors to the mythical birthplace of the Incas never get to experience these wonders. Instead, they travel a heavily trodden path to observe sometimes contrived cultural programs on just two main islands, experiences that do not do proper justice to Lake Titicaca and the region's rich indigenous heritage.

Titilaka was created to provide an alternative for visitors seeking an authentic, intimate and comfortable encounter with the cultural nuances and and natural splendor of Lake Titicaca. Located an hour east of Puno on a remote portion of the lake shore, Titilaka houses just 18 suites, categorized as 'sunrise' or 'sunset.'  Each suite is replete with radiant floor heating, extra large soaking tubs and sumptuous daybeds beneath panoramic windows overlooking the lake.

However, more so than the contemporary luxury of the property, it is the unique experiences that allow guests to interact with the local indigenous populations in authentic ways that really sets Titilaka apart. A visit to the floating islands of Uros and to the charming Island of Taquile are of course offered, but the magic begins when exploring the neighboring communities and landscape around the hotel itself, which, due to the hotel's location & local partnerships, are virtually exclusive experiences for Titilaka guests.



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LOCATION: Lake Titicaca, Peru

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Juliaca (JUL) receives numerous domestic flights from Cusco, Lima and Arequipa.  It is a 90 minute drive from the Juliaca Airport to Titilaka.  The transfers to/from the airport are included in the rates.  

Lake Titicaca can be accessed by flights into Juliaca from Cusco or Lima, by tourist bus from Cusco or via the Andean Explorer train which travels across the mountains and altiplano between Cusco and Puno. Guests are met upon arrival and privately transferred to Titilaka, where the are welcomed with refreshments and have time to relax and acclimate. Transportation is also available for guests traveling from Bolivia, with transfers upon request available form the border towns of Copacabana, Desaguadero and the capital city of La Paz. 

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Lake Titicaca is located in the Altiplano, or high desert of Southern Peru. It is cool and mostly dry throughout the year and can be visited year round. Similar to the Andes, the dry season is from May-October and a green season from November-April when afternoon rain showers are common with January being the wettest month. Late Titicaca sits at 12,507' (3,812 m) a.s.l. and evening temperatures can drop below freezing.  Daytime average is around 45 °F (7 °C)  year round with December and January being the warmest months, with daytime highs of approximately 62 °F (17 °C). 


The variety of unique and private excursions available to guests make Titilaka an excellent base for families exploring Lake Titicaca.  The staff and experienced guides enjoy working with children of all ages and can adapt most of the excursions to be appropriate and enjoyable for younger explorers. The spacious suites can accompany up to 2 children aged 12 or under, sharing a room with 1 or 2 adults and special child rates are available. Children under 5 are welcomed free of charge and nanny services can be arranged upon request.  


The minimum suggested stay is 2 nights.  3 to 4 nights are ideal which will allow guests to explore the main attractions of the region on land (The Aymara Route) and on water (The Islands of Lake Titicaca) via two full day excursions, plus allow time for easier half and quarter day trips as well as critical down time to simply enjoy the lodge.  From previous guest feedback and our own experiences, we strongly encourage guests to build in additional time for relaxing and taking in the spectacular sunrises and sunsets from the lodge.  


All suites have fantastic views but the Corner Rooms on the third floor have double sets of windows for the best panoramic vistas. 

The pier connected to the lodge is used communally by neighboring villagers. You may enjoy a fine glass of Chardonnay on the wraparound porch while observing the hotel’s brightly dressed indigenous neighbors unloading their rowboats after a day’s fishing on the Lake.

The on-site boathouse offers kayaks, canoes, paddle boards and sunfish sailboats, all available for guest use, free of charge, to explore the lake independently. 

2 full-day excursions and a number of shorter experiences are available daily. Except for crossings into Bolivia, which are an additional cost and must be reserved in advance, guests are free to design their day according to their interests with the help of an experienced guide. 

Titilaka keeps a low carbon footprint. The hotel uses hydroelectric power, natural gas, sources local produce and employs mostly local workers. Additionally, the hotel actively participates with the local community in various developmental, educational, conservation and social projects, opportunities that are all open for guest participation. 

Puno is known as the 'folklore capital of Peru' and is renowned through the Andes for the spectacular costumes, music and choreographed dances performed to commemorate numerous religious celebrations. Festivities occur throughout the year but the feast of the Virgin de la Candelaria, held each February, is particularly vibrant and has been recognized by UNESCO for its cultural importance. 


Due to the high altitude of Lake Titicaca, as well as the intimate and supremely comfortable nature of a stay at Titilaka, we recommend 3 or 4 nights here to cap off a longer trip through Peru, as a relaxing highlight before beginning the journey back home. Guests coming from Cusco will have had time to acclimate a bit before traveling to Lake Titicaca, and the secluded and scenic location of Titilaka will be a welcome change from the crowds that are inevitable when touring Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. 

Titilaka also has a sister property in Arequipa, Cirqa, which pairs very well with Lake Titicaca - combining the two destinations with an overland adventure across the Andes with an optional visit to the Colca Canyon en-route.

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