San Pedro de Atacama has been an oasis for travelers for thousands of years, a place to stop and refresh their mind, body and spirit before continuing on their journey through the Atacama, the world's driest desert.  Awasi, meaning "at home" in the local kunza language, was created to continue the noble task of sheltering travelers and enriching their connection with the incredible culture and landscape of the Atacama Desert. The lodge reflects the traditional style of the Atacama people featuring round adobe walls, stones and thatched roofs, but interspersed with touches of modern luxury. Indoor and outdoor showers, spacious solariums and oversize comfy armchairs draped with soft, handwoven alpaca blankets are staple in each of the 12 suites. Distinguishing itself from other luxury properties in San Pedro de Atacama – Awasi provides travelers with 100% personalized service, earning the lodge membership in the prestigious Relais & Châteaux collection. Guests are provided their very own 4×4 jeep and expert local guide for the duration of their stay. Private excursions can be done by jeep, on foot, by bike or on horseback without restrictions. There are no pre-set schedules and no limitations. 









Round Suites (3) Superior Round Suites (9)

All Inclusive:  Transfers, Lodging, Meals, Beverages, Private Guided Excursions

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Virtuoso, Relais & Châteaux

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$820, per person per night

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Santiago de Chile (SCL) is the capital and closest international airport.  From Santiago it is a 2 hour flight north to Calama (CJC) which is the domestic airport closest to Awasi Atacama.  Upon arrival in Calama, guests are met by their private guide and vehicle for a 90 minute drive to the Hotel.  There are numerous direct daily flights between Santiago and Calama. 

The majority of guests staying at Awasi Atacama arrive and depart via the Calama airport from flights to/from Santiago.  However, due to the hotel's location close to both the Argentine and Bolivian border, some guest do arrive or depart the Atacama overland.  From San Pedro de Atacama you can drive approximately 6 hours to get to Salta, Argentina and combine the Atacama with time exploring the wild Northwest of Argentina.  You can also combine the Atacama with overland trips into the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.   

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Awasi San Pedro de Atacama can be enjoyed year round; good weather is fairly constant throughout the year with hot, sunny days and cool nights with clear skies, perfect for star gazing. During the day, annual temperatures fluctuate between 68-86 °F (20-30 °C).  From the winter months of May-August, night time temperatures can dip below freezing. Though the Atacama receives less than .6 in (1.5 cm) of rainfall per year, occasionally a phenomena known as the 'Bolivian Winter' will bring short periods of snow, rain and storm clouds to the region from January-March. 


Children 10 and over are welcome at Awasi, and the convenience of having a private guide makes it easy to customize excursions into the desert for younger explorers. Children can try their hand at creating local crafts and art, keep a journal of the flora and fauna spotted during their adventures and see Saturn's rings through a powerful telescope during an evening astronomy session. Older and more active children can embark on mountain bike and horseback riding excursions, or challenge themselves with a trek to the top of a volcano after properly acclimating. Round and Superior Round suites can be combined to accommodate a family of 4 sharing an outdoor private patio.  Discounted rates are offered when a child or teenager shares an additional bed in the Rectangular Suites, accompanied by 2 two adults. 

Additional Bed (Rectangular Suites Only):

Children between 10 and 17 years of age, pay 50% of the regular rate.


The minimum stay is 3 nights.  Because San Pedro de Atacama sits at an altitude of nearly 8,000' (2,438 m), guests need time to properly acclimate before embarking on strenuous treks or excursions to higher ground, like viewing the famous sunrise eruption of the Tatio Geysers at an elevation of 14,200' (4,328 m).  Feedback from past guests suggests 4 or 5 nights to fully explore the natural wonders of the Atacama during the day and to maximize chances of clear skies in the evening to view the Southern night sky in vivid detail. 


Awasi Atacama is located a few blocks from the center of San Pedro de Atacama, giving guests the freedom to explore town life on their own and return to the intimacy of the lodge afterwards. Several other lodges are a ways outside of town and guests must rely on transfers to get back and forth. 

The chef at Awasi highlights traditional desert ingredients, creatively utilizing different varieties of potatoes, the chañar sweet fruit from the Chilean chañar tree and algarrobo (carob tree), so that guests can relish in a true local dining experience with every dish.

The highly individual guest experience at Awasi begins with a privately arranged airport pick-up in Calama; guests immediately begin their exploration of the Atacama before even arriving at Awasi and have the freedom to design each day with their guide. 

Clear night skies, low light pollution and high altitude make the Atacama one of the best places in the world to observe the Southern night sky. Evening star gazing and astronomy lessons are a highlight. 

The Atacama provides incredible contrast and a completely different visual palette than other regions in Chile and often surprises guests as the unanticipated highlight of their time in country.  Vivid orange and red sandstone gives way to turquoise ponds in which to swim, clusters of pink flamingos stand out against white salt flats and snow capped volcanoes stand like sentinels at the edge of scorched yellow sand dunes. 

Pre-Incan culture has been well preserved in the Atacama, a rarity in Chile and neighboring Argentina. Guests can explore ancient settlements and ponder the meaning of giant petroglyphs and colorful rock art. 

Combine 7 nights at Awasi Atamaca and Awasi Patagonia in the same trip and receive a special 5% discount, plus 2 complimentary nights in Santiago or Punta Arenas. This represents a savings of up to $2,000 USD per person. Explore the best of Chile's extremes in completely customized fashion. 


To fully appreciate the magnificence and contrast of Chile in the best, most personalized way, pair Awasi Atacama with Awasi Patagonia. Due to Awasi Atacama's location close to both the Argentine and Bolivian border, one can continue their explorations overland into either of these countries.  From San Pedro de Atacama you can drive approximately 6 hours to get to Salta, Argentina and combine the Atacama with time exploring the wild Northwest of Argentina, a land of equally stunning landscapes, rich culture and outstanding wines.  You can also combine the Atacama with overland trips into the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.   

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