Awasi Atacama : New Rooms, Property Layout and Images

Awasi Atacama :

New Rooms, Property Layout and Images

The new unified property layout at Awasi Atacama

The new unified property layout at Awasi Atacama

Awasi has made two major changes to their Atacama property that will be hugely beneficial to both travel professionals and guests.

A unified property layout and five new rooms which brings the total number of rooms from 9 to 12.

Previously, the property was bisected by a road, with five suites and the common areas on one side, and the remaining four rectangular suites on the other side. Awasi managed to purchase a large plot of land adjacent to the main portion of the property and have built five new superior circular suites. This layout has unified the property all onto one piece of land, with the guest rooms all located around the pool and common areas. The room categories are simplified with only two options; Round Rooms (430 sq ft) and Superior Round Rooms (750 sq ft) - the Rectangular Suite category no longer exists.

The additional room total being brought from 9 up to 12 should help with the always difficult availability issues at this most sought after property in the Atacama.

The Atacama Desert in Chile is a year round destination, with high season running from October through April. The high season in the Atacama does not have to do with this being a particularly better time to visit the Atacama weather wise, there are simply more visitors to Chile over these months because national parks further south in Patagonia close during the Austral winter months of May through September, and therefore there is less demand in the Atacama as a result. Awasi Atacama has a fantastic promotion over their low season (May-September) offering an additional night free for any booking of three nights or longer. There are also discounts in combining Awasi Atacama, Awasi Patagonia and Awasi Iguazu in the same itinerary.

All sales and marketing links for Awasi Atacama can be found on the property page. All current promotions can be found on the promotions section of the website.

Enjoy some new images of the five new suites at Awasi Atacama and the stunning scenery from photographer Luciano Bacchi below.